Manufacturing, Wholesale/Distribution, Retail

The product lifecycle from creation to sale is a complex and requires agile and savvy advisors to help manage risk while maintaining profitability.

Manufacturing companies are operating a global environment even if their production is located in a single local facility because competition is coming from every direction.  We work in partnership with you to help you stay competitive.

You’ll benefit from working with our advisors who have a long track record of working with manufacturers in various industries including, medical devices, safety systems, personal care products, leather goods, consumer products, and photo engraving products, among others.

Wholesalers and distributors can get dubbed “the middle man” but without you, product doesn’t move through the system.  We respect your contribution to the process and want to help you improve efficiency, reduce waste, and be profitable while remaining competitive in pricing.

Retailers are facing constant change, as the performance of the economy as a whole, has a great impact on the industry.  Whether you are an independent operator or large national chain, you must be flexible and be able to adapt. At Samet our experts can help you navigate through a myriad of issues, whether you are a start up overcoming numerous barriers of entrance or an established retailer needing best practice benchmarks. We provide expert accounting, advisory, financial statement and tax related services to help your company deal with the issues retailers face in today’s volatile market.

Our services include:

  • Cost management analysis
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Inventory and accounts receivable management
  • Benchmarking
  • LIFO accounting
  • Fraud prevention and detection
  • Traditional financial statement compliance engagements and tax services

Meet the Experts:

John J. Czyzewski | CPA

John Czyzewski


"Samet has been auditing our employee benefit plans since 2005. They have provided us with an outstanding level of expertise, personal service, and integrity which makes them the perfect firm for us."

John Dudek, Former General Counsel, Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc.

"Samet understands my business through and through, and offers great advice that helps us grow. With Samet minding my business finances, I can focus on other strategic business issues.."

Peter D'Arrigo, Jr., D'Arrigo Bros. Co of Massachusetts, 40+ years with Samet

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