16 Jul July 16, 2014

TIAG Alliances 2014 Mid-Year Report released

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TIAG A Worldwide Network of Quality Accounting FirmsView the TIAG Alliances 2014 Mid-Year Report

Excerpt from the report:

As we pass the mid-year point in 2014, we can report very good progress on many fronts.  Our recruiting has exceeded all our expectations with new TAGLaw (R) members in important markets, significant TIAG (R) additions, particularly among the North American Top 100 firms, and new entrants into TAG-SP (TM) group.  Conference attendance in Miami reached a new peak with a not-surprising record attendance by Latin American members from 25 countries and Regional Meetings flourished.  Our coverage in national and international press helped our branding strategy move to the next level.  While not yet household names, TAGLaw and TIAG are becoming increasingly familiar in the businesss communities, and just as this report is being written, The TAG Alliances (TM) has again been ranked one of the top multidisciplinary associations in the world.   Finally, TAG Foundation, of which we can all be proud, saw an increase in funds and an opportunity to help in the Philippines when the country was struck by one of the worst typhoons in modern time.  We invite you to enjoy the full mid-year report